What about those CraigsList’s ‘missed opportunities’

When I’m having a square and I’m at home it’s in front of my computer in my office. Windows open, heater on….I fire up Firefox and goto jimmyr.com for an aggregate of links from all over. It’s an all right way to spend 15 minutes.

Sometimes I goto /r/trashy

So I do and I see this one link – blah blah missed opportunities…and I know that’s a thing on Craigslist because, you know, guys talk – you hear things…Anyway, so there it is and now I’m on missed opportunities on Craigslist and it’s like; WTF – that link that one guy posted is FROM AROUND HERE and it’s UNFOLDING! HA! The drama continues….

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to write about. I wanted to wax poetic for a minute…we had ‘missed opportunities’ way before the internet and that fancy Craigslist. People ‘posted’ to a newspaper in the personals section. It’s just a thing you knew that people did, wasn’t like any of we 9 year olds were looking for Mr. Goodbar or anything. But that’s it, it was always a thing. People missing connections; regretting not saying a thing when the chemistry was off the charts at some random meeting somewhere ridiculous, like the Walgreen’s.

So now, Craigslist and me catching some /r/trashy post. Like I said, I am there; I’m poking around reading all this stuff. Man…..And then suddenly it’s romantic and that one random glimpse into a world where you would never go sees yu reading a thing someone wrote about you from the other day and it’s the most [BLEEPING] mind blowing experience of the last 7 years….


But, that never happened because waxing poetic…Can you imagine, though? Oh, I saw you at X and our eyes met….and blah blah blah…and then there it is. 4 days later some cack is actually there in the w4m part of the Craigslist missed opportunities show and he reads such and such and it’s friggen HIM.


Heh, life is sweet, ey?

Fuck you I was there and it was ridiculous and I’ll never go back again but the next time I have a chance encounter and the chemistry is ridiculous and she’s all like 5-oh…I’ll slam that shut right there and tell her, look, I don’t want your number.

I’ll be on missed opportunities on the Craigslist personals in a few days, you know, poking around. If you reach out I’ll know….

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