oh, boy naked twister

Dirty, Naked, Slimy Twister

Oh, Boy!

I remember thinking I was all that for coming up with the concept when I was all of 7. Naked friggen twister! OMG! Completely unaware of all of the people preceding me that came up with the same thing, since, oh, I dunno, but I bet it’s way before Milton Bradley packaged the game.

The triumph of the age, I thought – what a concept – naked twister. It only makes sense. I mean, you’re all over the place on the floor crawling all over each other anyway – penis – vagina (and my 7 year old sensibilities threw ‘marriage’ in there, too)- it all adds up.

Just remove the clothes.

Bingo! Can’t wait to tell the guys.

Man, I was all that. Concepts galore were coming out of me, too. All of the time. I was ….[bleeping] wait — my cat just unleashed some kinna hell upstairs…OK, all good. She’s acting all, what – I didn’t do anything. Heh. Cats.

In any case, what immense fun it was being single digits and coming up with all these cool ideas and concepts. And that’s the thing about being single-digits, isn’t it, you get to be microcosmic. And that’s cool.

Micro….Cosmic. Say it one time. Mmmicro…COSmic.

Growing up and learning that I was not the originator of many of the concepts I thought I was slinging around like nobody’s business wasn’t necessarily a painful thing. In fact, the opposite. What joy knowing how unique I wasn’t.

That’s cool, too.

So, I think it’s high time to start unleashing all that 7 year old stuff again. With vigor, confidence, and maybe a little of the humility and temperance you start picking up when double-digits rolls around. Just because you’re 45 or 32 or 86 doesn’t mean you know a thing yet. And, you’re far too old to be cool on purpose, so, dance like nobody’s watching. And me, too.


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