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I used to say to my kids: Don’t get sucked in. I lived that shit. A person’s bullshit detector needs to always be in working order. No matter your lack of accountability, or not, being able to see the forest through the trees is essential. To everything.

Rant, you could say, doesn’t make it untrue

It doesn’t mean be cynical. It doesn’t mean every concept or person coming your way is to be kicked around incessantly by your vetting procedure. That’s just crazy 😉 It does mean that you are always fully aware that the devil comes smiling. It does mean that you can see the next step of your actions. Or another’s. It means, also, to act accordingly.

I come from a family of liars. It hit me hard and it hurt because my freedom and happy didn’t allow it. I know this because I tried. Didn’t take. That’s the first step, I think, to not getting sucked in. If you live in honesty there aren’t many opportunities for something false, or, that you can see will be false, or have dire consequences (can’t see it from my house should be illegal to say -of course not, but, you know what I mean) from having its sway. Expectations lend their way here, too. IF you have them, it’s likely you demand they are met, which, may sideswipe you, too. Or, at least enroll you forever in Bread & Circus. You can expect some things, you know, like, your shoelaces to do their jobs…

Don’t be afraid. Be cool, man. – listen to this one time, then, get back to me…https://youtu.be/dgx9e-5_fE8

So, look at us, crying all over ourselves about what we have done and allowed. A new generation looks upon us as savages, mindless drones, and easy to be fooled. They only think this because they saw it, and see it. Hell, it’s revealed to them daily in the entitlement folks my age seem to display, likely being a shitty reaction to how we get sucked in. Our coping skills left us when shit became real.

Well, the next step is crucial, isn’t it? Make good decisions. Everything has a cost.


Let’s prevent this. Let’s look at our kids and know we did things responsibly for them because we know we are handing off the baton to them and we need them to be capable, and honest, and all that good stuff. Even if they have shitty taste in music! Heh. We need to show them to be all the things our dogs think we are because they will have some, too, kids, and they will need to be able to bring them into the world. Break the chains if you need to. It’s hard and makes you lonely, but it’s right and true and the next ones out there will be grateful for ever. And you did that. That’s fukken cool and you didn’t even need the internet’s permission.

Maybe look at it this way: Do I really wanna be a cliché? If somebody points a finger at me and says “X”, being a shitty thing, will they be right? Living with that is easy, we can all tell ourselves we’re great, but look at what you do to every thing that has to deal with what you do. C’mon. When you walk into a room do you want people to know you’re a shit? You’re not a shit. You’re just sidetracked – and lookit, look how easy it was: Facebook. It’s the typewriter you use to write bestselling novels, but it also makes you blind.

I love you, man. Maybe that’s enough for you to eat, maybe not. But, out of anything a body could give me, love is the only thing worth a damn. Love a book or a tree. Love being wrong for the knowledge, love falling to get up, but, stay up, love the fear that makes you realise how strong you are. Get passed it, don’t forget it. Love having manners and living that and love the comfort you bring because your bullshit detector is working and you don’t let the ugly results of bad decisions tell you how to be. Love love because it’s fine….

Yeah, so, preachy-pompness notwithstanding, when you are mess everything you touch is a mess and everything and everybody that relies on what you do and say now has to deal with messy instead of already having done that by learning and growing and knowing and then acting accordingly. Darlin’, you’re a mess.

Those like Zuckerberg, who told us he is a shit, and those that actually want to be President – fuck those people, and you, too, for letting them get away with it. We need to do better than that. Not just for today, to give us real comfort that we may thrive in, but, for tomorrow, too. Especially for tomorrow because it hasn’t come yet. Fucking it up before it’s even born is a sin, dontcha think?

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