I just ‘painted the walls’

Ahem! Would you like to know more?

Lookit, how awesome does this sound? Like a brick, huh?

Among other findings in its wide-ranging report, the committee is expected to recommend:

  • All online political campaign material should include information on the organization that published it and who paid for it, including the establishment of a public register for political advertising.
  • The Electoral Commission should be given the power to impose substantially higher fines than the existing £20,000 for breaches of electoral law.
  • Social networks should be legally responsible for harmful and illegal content on their platforms.
  • British regulators should undertake an audit of the entire social media advertising industry.
  • The imposition of a limit on how much an individual can give to a political campaign, following Arron Banks’ substantial funding of the pro-Brexit Leave.EU group.
  • British police should investigate the overseas activities of SCL Group, the defunct sister company of Cambridge Analytica.
British Parliament

Gotta start somewhere and these pronouns are on a roll.

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