I mean…

This is the song my late husband sang to me from the first day we met. I was a scared young woman with a 2 year old daughter and a 2 month old daughter who had been cheated on and then beaten when I confronted their father about it. Robin took me and my 2 girls in and that night he sang this song for me for the first time. When I healed and was going to move home to my mother’s, he told me loved me and the girls and to please stay and he would show me I could trust him and hopefully come to love him. So I stayed and every night he sang this song. Without fail, every single night. A year later we married and had 10 wonderful loving years together before he was killed while riding his bicycle, hit by a truck from behind. I had this song played at his funeral and never listened to it again until recently. I still hear his beautiful deep voice singing it to me and I guess the tears will never stop, but I know he has and will continue to watch over me and our girls until we are reunited in heaven.Sue Johnson


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