It was a good day for a long Drive

It’s about value, considerations. The oil in my car is old, couple months past due; but – I didn’t drive much at all this past Winter, so, that was a non-issue. I’ll get it changed tomorrow. 600 miles on snow tires. Bah – it was cold for a while. Looked good when I got there.

7 hours later.

One cop along the way out said – basically, you’re traveling the Hudson River. He loved that I smiled nice and slow on that one. I said – you’ll think me a nerd, I’m so down with the history of my region. We can talk Hudson River all day – This time he smiled. We waxed about the Northeast. I was in New York and the day was so fine. Completely deciding to take the long way ’round with a place in mostly northern New Jersey being my destination. A client, buddy, cack awaited and we had some work to do.

By the time I stopped to chat with said cop I had gone a while. It was a smooth sailing as the song you’re listening to. The sun was everywhere and I definitely wasted time going through every town I ever heard of, twice, to avoid highways. I wanted the 50 miles per hour roads. Couple yellow lines, 40-65 as you go…

Some of the towns were less pleasant top drive through but I missed all the school buses and that was what was the matter for me. Cool. I came in and out of long turns with plenty of old short mountains left and right. People moved along save that one oblivious fucker that’s in every travels poking in where (s)he disrupts, leaving as quickly, pffft; it’s all good, nobody died.

Traveling from 0h-6:something to maybe 14 hundred-ish I ran through plenty of thoughts about this useless thing and that – mostly attuned to the driving because I love it so. Tell me a 6-speed turbo that absolutely grips the road ain’t the best fun you had all day. Go ahead, try it. BAH! My gas mileage suffered, of course, and I pissed through the tank stopping just short of the car telling me to get my shit together. But I knew that would happen. This cost was small – I paid $40 to spend 7+ hours in my car on a sunny and gorgeous day traveling through New York state and ending up warmly welcomed at a friend’s house I haven’t been to in probably 4 years. His wife and I talked about the cool titanium she was now sporting in her hip. And some ceramic. She’s always a pleasure to hang with, for our short moments. Buddy and I stayed up too late for me but we got a lot of shit done.

I took crappy pics of some of his products and they were crappy – he’ll get back to them with a black background this time – the white looks too blue and blends too much with the styrofoam head we used with the hats. There was no paint to be found in the new barn, it was all Hemp business. IN and out.

Like your mom.

Heading out of the barn last night had my eyes glazed over with age, dry, whatever that gook was in the air, and dry. It’s so dry. I found my way the the Marriot no problem, but, not being able to see it caused a problem. Oof – wtf!! I couldn’t see shit driving through that foreign place last night. My lids were getting pretty tired of being stretched as I tried to keep moving them around, ‘stretching’ out and clenching in a ridiculous attempt to ‘clean ’em up so I could see’. I passed the Marriott that first time, swung around and hit the first entrance to a parking lot that I could see and fired-up the garmin. WTF – It’s RIGHT THERE! BUt I couldn’t see it.

The spooky ghoulish voice in the garmin was like – ayfkm? I put the address in and the blue line was maybe 3/4 of an inch long. I laughed and rubbed my eyes out. Seemed to help. Ish. Fuck it – I can’t sit here, and off I went, cool as a rule because fuck that. Spooky voice said what was what and I acted accordingly.

I saw the sign and the entrance and I was in. Blinker on, fucking turn – I’m in. Buddy was all – seriously, there’s always a bunch of cops around there at night. Lol. So, what? But, driving by the place, twice, because I couldn’t friggen see it, yeah – where are the cops entered my mind.

But, I’m in. I drove around back to park because there was the door not 8 feet away from me and there was the stairs, immediately inside the door. I like that shit – flow. Top of the stairs was my door – I’m in, inhale….not too bad. 3 Minutes later I was in bed. SLeep was easy.

Back at the barn early the next day we coffee’d up real quick and head out for some breakfast. Usual place, at the counter, good food, service and chat. I like it there just fine and we didn’t talk shop at all. Fuck that. We were having breakfast. Eggs Benedict and some coffee. He had scrapple with something so, gross; he ruined whatever shared the plate with, bleuch, scrapple.


I love that place, I think. It’s fine.

Anyway, back at the barn we made some decisions, pointed ourselves in a good direction with a couple good options for future efforts on the shop, and bore-down hard on a things that have been troubling each of us for a few years that were completely unrelated to shop business. Probably top 3 productive mornings we’ve had in the barn, in what, 15 years.


15 years. He said to me: I’m XX, now, it’s all about lifestyle. I wanna golf, I’m fucking golfing.

I left at maybe 10 ’til 11. I know it was a couple minutes of goodbye’s (and our mutual pal showed up, too, so) after he said, shit, it’s 10:38, I gotta take (wife) to (place)! By the time I was rolling out of the driveway it was 10:50, and, I gotta say, it was the most pleasurable ride back I have ever had from (name’s). There was a couple fun times with the kids because car-games, and that one time alone at oh-dark-shit-it’s-dark-out, but, today was all sun, all cruise-control and lack of having to deal with road assholes, and all great tunes.

I went 287 N to bam, to bam, to bam because it’s so pretty, to bam and one turn off, a quarter-pounder w/cheese and a small fry later, I was rolling up the McDonald’s bag as I walked up the front steps, home, at 2 o’clock and 2 minutes.

They were both good days for a drive.

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