A Thing we Said

We got back together. We had similar plans.

Lemme just sit here one time, for a minute….

So, we got back together. It was clever, too, because we had a date and we acted like it. We had ex’s and it was us, and it enabled us to ask tough questions and give tough answers and have some of that first date excitement, which we did.

We met for a coffee and sat outside until my nipples got hard enough to cut glass. “I only live up the road”, I said, and that coy smile her whole body was felt like we had a good enough vibe to say that that was a good idea. We weren’t going to my house for lovin’ ya pervs, this was a 1st date.


So we went back to my place and hung out in my office (it’s the greatest place ever) and talked and had a smoke and listened to music and we even danced, because, man – that was some kind of groove and there ain’t no way I can sit still for that. And we were ‘in character’ the whole time, having our first date. At some point we decided that a second date would be a good idea. SO we had one of those the next day…

But, this first one, was an amalgamation of a year of being together, in and out at the ass end, and knowing full-well who we were and knowing what we’ve done to, by, and for each other. It was easy for us to remain first date but the wisdom and conviction of our words that night was a force. I’ll admit all day that I was sniffing for fear or bullshit, and only one time did my upper lip crooked back a smile, preventing it. This was a charming date without the bullshit revelations that sometimes occurs on regular first dates.

At one point during a wonderful and sweet conversation we were having, and I say sweet to mean the conversation, not the actors, I fired-up libreoffice and typed the pledge you see here in this post. I printed it and signed it silently and slid the paper in front of her and she did the same. We looked at each other with those stern faces you might see on a pioneer woman defending the homestead against a rowdy band of miscreants, alone with her shotgun and determination to survive. With a family to protect…

And for a moment we were satisfied without there having been any real need for that, but satisfied we were. It’s token, sure, but not even desperate because the vibrancy between and within each of us is ever-present, and if you can’t get that shit done one way you try another and if you got muckled that last time, well, you ain’t broken, get back at it.

There is a thing that we are, and to each other, that just won’t go away. OUr eyes give it away every single time and anyone could see. No matter the this, or the that, or the pedantic or the go-fuck-yourself-who-the-hell-are-you, there is a tale here evolving that any of you would give a kidney to be a part of.

And sometimes, that’s what it takes.