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Maybe a year ago I heard this track as the background of a ‘commercial’ on my favorite radio station. The commercial was about donating used musical instruments to the school system a few miles north of me, in the city.

Over the next few months I heard it almost every day and it was as magical as the first time for me. I never got sick of it and actually looked forward to hearing it.

I decided to sleuth because I wanted to know what it was called; I wanted to have it. The commercial mentions a few companies that are involved in this instrument donation project so I looked them up for clues on their web sites as to the origin and name of the song. I found nothing – none of them mentioned this project on their sites, none had any leads for me.

I gave up for a short time and just enjoyed when I caught it on the radio. Yeah, right…

Pffft! In early Feb it was making me crazy so I finally decided to contact the radio station. I called to speak to the DJ of the morning show I really enjoy, with no expectation of success. Well, honestly, I did have a certain expectation of success, but it was minimal. I had her on the phone, I made my pitch….

She said – hell yeah I’ll find that out for you. She didn’t really say “hell yeah!”, but, I could tell she wanted to so my story has her doing it. In fact, she got up on her chair and shouted: “HELL YEAH!” And then I shouted “HELL YEAH!” And we “WOOHOO’d! a couple times and there were 2 people shouting “HELL YEAH! and dancing around their rooms tied together in the moment of excitement and joy. It was beautiful. We had a moment of musical camaraderie and now 2 people were juiced-up. Two people needed to know; two people now had a common goal. Music, man. She said, send me an email so I can get back to you.


I did just that. And so did she. And within an hour of her show ending she came through with one of the best emails I have ever gotten:

Here’s a link to the piece of music you called about this morning…

It’s called “Glory Days” by “Reaktor Productions.”
Thanks for listening and thanks for your support!Michelle - DJ


Loop it!

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