We have to stop Catering to the Lowest-Common-Denominator

You flightless parents are putting some real assholes out into the world. Thanks a lot. Jackass.

The environment online for small businesses is scary as hell for everyone involved. Everyone knows there is a market, everyone knows google search runs the SEO, which is first-line entrance to said market, everyone gave away their magic in 2000. SMall businesses have enjoyed entities such as Yelp for years now as Yelp scrapes the web for small businesses, includes said profile in their own site, and is often the first SERP returned for anything related to that company’s market. Yikes. Your small business is suddenly in the hands of a giant empty thing who’s gameplan is to represent you well in Google thus ensuring you will play along with their ecosystem’s outline.

NOw you worry. There are countless directories out there doing this. They rank their ‘members’ and socialze them, because, well, shit, Facebook, where every wannabe thinks that what they say is important – now reviews are the only thing you are concerned about because all of these socialites (heh) are talking, because that’s what you do out there in Facebookland, and they’re subjecting a small business to whatever mood anyone was in on any particular day. And now that small business thinks the public owns them and they lose their spine and are held hostage to the whims of the madding public; oh, my.

A small business cannot allow itself to be held hostage by the whims of a client or customer suffering a hangnail that day. A small business cannot bend over backward to please a customer that manipulates words or inflates or otherwise frames an event, or some other such interaction. The customer is not always right and lately the customer is a bit confused about how real relationships work, or expectations of value and honesty.

There is only one way to be in business; straight-forward, steadfast, determined. YOu have gambled your life on an idea and cannot allow yourself to be subject to someone else’s flights of fancy. IN business you work your plan, and there is always worry because you need employees, focus, support and sometimes your employees are against you just as much as that ‘distracted’ customer. ANd sometimes you think you need to make rash and hasty ‘light-switch’ decisions becasue you saw no immediate return on an idea you just had. Ideas take time and nurturing. Stick to your plan, in your pragmatic way.

Customers just want your product or service, but sometimes they bring the entitlement dragon to your ‘house’ and you are now forced to react to something unexpected. Smile. Maybe just think that they have diahrerea and aren’t currently at liberty to relax. Maybe they walk in with ‘evidence’ and they will have none of your reality…your guy quoted me XXX and now youy’re telling me it’s XXXX, and you kiss their ass because you know that loony will spread the good word about the righteous indignity they have suffered, and how wounding that whole experience was. The only people that listen to that claptrap are the people that can’t live without it. That’s not most people. Respond to such a thing or not, but don’t let that one guy keep you up at night. Be reasonable and strong and carry the authority of your life’s gamble in your honest words. That’s all.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and it takes guts to decide to forego the safety of being an employee and start and run one. So long as that small business is fair and operates with the respect and dignity that they, their employees, and their neighborhood – which is their customer base – deserve, they need have no fear of the whimsical nature of the reviewing beast. That fuker’s just spouting off for a reason completely unrelated to you, you’re just the one (s)he’s/spoon’s taking it out on.

Everyone likes being told what to do where there is any shred of confusion and everyone appreciates knowing how to act, thus, with that knowledge.

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