Where’s the $700 come In?

It’s sexy, ya, but aluminium is cheap, automated manufacturing, most of the parts – I don’t see where the $7oo is justified. It’s nice looking, but…

wicked expensive sony mp3 player
wicked expensive sony mp3 player
Who buys this thing? Do people say to themselves, ‘ya, 700, no sweat, it must be great because I can buy something plastic for $20 and who wants plastic…”

DOn’t get assumptive, now – at my house good sound is everywhere. HK430 in the office, with good components plugged in, a nice yamaha in the garage, with the polk monitor 5’s, the kitchen sounds like ass, though, with the ipod whatever in the bose dock, and the living room has a nice yamaha pushing out the home theater. Good speakers everywhere…

But, how much better is that mega-bucks Sony going to sound than the Sansa Fuze (the good one) I bought some years ago? With RockBox on it!! I don’t think too much. Anyway, I’m not getting that crazy Sony – all I need is something to keep in the car when FM doesn’t come in or NPR is getting a little carried away.

EDIT: Holy Crap – there’s this, too!

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