Best Web Hosting Server Admins Ever – SureSupport

So I have been hosting with ICDSoft since aught-two and from day one I could not have been happier. Except for that one time, but, that’s a story for a different day. In any case, as I wrote, been hosting with these guys for a while. Not only do I always host my own sites there, I have always insisted to clients that I host their sites there, too. None have ever objected and not one time was I ever faced with explaining to a client why their site is off-line, or any other server related issues.

Their support staff is SureSupport. Having had to deal with various types of support staff supporting various industries over the past 30-some-odd years I can say without reservation that they are the best of what they do in any industry or service. Post a question – BAM! It’s answered, or they will say straight-up, gimme a minute…which is extremely rare. I know, because all of my questions are still there and I can access any of them at any time. I’ve gone back plenty over the years.

Aside from being insanely quick to respond (there’s a guy poised, waiting, I know it…) they will fix an issue, they will explain an issue or concept, they will point to libraries of – not just info, go google yourself, but the RIGHT info, laid out the RIGHT way – and you never get some tier 1 n00b can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Their tier 1 is Extreme Asian level, their tier 2 instructs Deity. I learned a ton of server, Apache, LAMP, security, etc., etc., etc. stuff from them over the years.